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üü sümü' Nüümü na'ohodugwa-wandü


Gym Member Benefits

Our gym members have full access to our fitness facility as well as free bike rentals, free fitness classes and more!

10 Great Reasons to Be a Member

1. Community: You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results for public health in our communities. We hope for our facility to be a community health heaven where ALL communities can thrive.  

2. Sustainability: Your gym membership contribution will help sustain our gym for all community members for years to come! Community support will ultimately lead us to a sustainable wellness program that all can benefit from.   

3. FREE bike rentals: All gym members have access to FREE bike rentals! The bikes we offer range from XL, L, SM mountain bikes, kids mountain bikes, female Sedona bikes and even a 3-wheel adult tricycle for elders! Our bikes are perfect for bike rides through the Alabama Hills as well as other surrounding areas in Lone Pine.   

4. FREE fitness classes: In the near future we will be offering classes that include but are not limited to: Yoga, HIIT Cardio, Intro to weight lifting and more! Most of these classes will be FREE to non-Tribal gym members. Non-gym members will pay a small fee for each class. 

5. Nutritional information: At our facility we provide nutritional handouts that can be taken home for easy reading. Some nutritional information we offer is: "Keto Cheat Sheet", "foods to enjoy", "foods to avoid" and "12 Laws for Lifelong Health". Our Nutritional information is provided by one of our collaborators, AC Nutrition and Wellness. Gym members can also request a Work out tracker sheet so they can track each workout to chart their progress.

6. Indigenous Youth Program: Our wellness program actively pursues funding for youth programs for our community. Your contribution and support will help us to sustain programs such as: Indigenous Youth Hike & Climb Days, healthy cooking classes, youth fitness groups and media training. 

7. Competitive pricing and special discounts: Our gym is the most affordable fitness facility in Payahuunadu (Owens Valley). In addition to our great pricing for general memberships, We also offer special discounts for firemen, police, veterans, Lone Pine School District employees, Lone Pine Hospital employees and Natives from other Tribal Nations. We also offer FREE memberships for approved and official gym volunteers. Want to apply to be a volunteer? Fill out the volunteer application form and email to: wellness@lppsr.org. You can also bring the application in person to the gym.  

8. Fastest WiFi in Payahuunadu: Our gym members have access to the fastest public WiFi in the Valley! Gym members are able to stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and other platforms using our high speed internet along with our 55" LED smart TV's! Workout while you watch your favorite shows and movies! Gym members can also request to play their own music using our gym speakers (explicit content restrictions apply).   

9. Fitness & Nutrition Programs: We will be offering personal training and health coaching as well as additional fitness and nutrition programs that gym members can take advantage of. Non-gym members can also take advantage of our wellness programs but their access to the entire fitness facility is limited while gym members will have full access to our fitness equipment.  

10. Empowerment: You are part of a larger community.  Break down walls and barriers by contributing to the diversity of our gym by becoming a member! We are honored to host members from all different backgrounds and cultures. We welcome you to experience an Indigenized gym that was built for the empowerment and future health of our people. 

To become a member, fill out the:

Membership Agreement Form

And return to the gym with payment. We currently only accept cash or check.

Make checks payable to:

The Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation

About our gym

The Lone Pine Wellness Center is a small community gym on the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation. Our goal is to create a healthy and positive environment that our community members can thrive in! Anyone is welcome to visit our facility for a FREE TRIAL! And don't forget to ask about our special discounts!

See you at the gym! 

Contact us

Mariah L. David

Lone Pine Wellness Coordinator

Address: USA, Lone Pine, CA 975 Teya Rd.


Monday - Thursday

11:00am - 7:00pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday






LP School employee....$15/mo


Drop-in fee...................$10/day

*we offer free memberships to:

LP Tribal members/spouses, LP Tribal employees/spouses, & Toiyabe employees

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