Kinsinta Joseph

Kinsinta Joseph (Hupa,Karuk,Numu,Shoshone) is the daughter of Patricia(Hupa/Karuk) and Tom Joseph(Numu/Shoshone) who met during the Klamath River Fish Wars of the late 1970’s. Kinsinta is a mother and former collegiate athlete. As a youth, she traveled across Native country with her parents and nine siblings, learning the importance of building strong relationships with land and her people.

Kinsinta is the founder of The Paya Hupa Way, a Native Jewelry Brand focusing on cultural activities and lifestyle reflective of her ancestral teachings. She brings the Actions and Guiding Principles of Traditional Gathering, Language and Song to community events and ensures the mission and core values of The Payahuunadu Alliance are centered during every activity.


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Kinsinta Joseph

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